Arcades, old town
Roncolo Castle
Cable car from Bolzano to Renon
Bolzano and the Dolomites
The medieval Weighing House
Beautiful view to Bolzano and the Dolomites
Traditional fruit market
Bolzano, modern wine cellar architecture
Bolzano, St. Magdalena, Vineyards

Let's discover the peculiarity of Bolzano, where Otzi is at home.- This is the gate to the Dolomites, the city of a good glass of wine.- The city of contrasts. Language, cuisine, architecture, art, and history it's all done the dual way.- Here is where the north meets the south,  where the German world touch the Latin world.- Since the middle age, Bolzano is that kind of bridge used by Emperor, Crusaders, Pelgrims to reach the Mediterraneum.- Crossing the Alps this bridge will grant you a sunny paradise.